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Life's been crazy,
I've missed a few days
I've been disappointed,
Excuses have been made
It's funny how responsibility shifts
I thought I was the daughter?
Nevermind, I'll raise my brother.
Maybe a midlife crisis will bring clarity
I hope you love your grandson more on the other side.
I'm tired of being the only one trying and blamed. 
I'll call it even if you just stay. 

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SOL, let's do this 💪🍒

This is my first time doing the SOL challenge, hence the cherry icon (; I hope you have a sense of humor. If not, I probably wouldn't keep reading. My life is raw, sometimes uneventful, and on the more eventful moments, I drink enough wine to wonder if I'm a borderline alcoholic. Just kidding! I'm definitely not, I'm okay, I promise! In a world where I constantly feel the pressure of upholding a sense of professionalism and always trying to be the "bigger person" (It's pretty difficult when I'm barely 5'1) it's nice having a place to unwind and be free of judgment, expectations, or criticism. I grew up in a household that held extreme expectations for me, not sure how my other siblings got out of it. But being the oldest and being a, dare I say it, preachers daughter, it was exhausting.  In this fast-paced world that doesn't seem equipped with an emergency brake, I'm hoping to find peace in the madness.  I guess this is my way of sayi…

The Teething Monster

I'm hiding.
Yogurt in on hand, spoon in the other. 
I hear the door to my room creak open.
Maybe if I hide under the covers I won't be noticed. My breathing  s l o w s  and my eyes close. I feel the covers being tugged away.  I hold on as tight as I can. Then the fear overwhelms me. I let go.  I lay there, uncovered, but clothed in irresolution. All I wanted was to eat my yogurt. The shrill cries and outreaching arms have me trembling. I throw a teether. Unsuccessful. Its thrown back. I offer a breastmilk pop. He takes it. It seems to calm the beast. Or so I thought. The beast lifts the breastmilk pop high. He quickly and repeatedly swings it towards the ground. Every blow connecting to the floor and pieces fly, it is hailing frozen milk. I am overcome with defeat. The monster's face is streaming with tears and my heart softens. Fear retreats. Frustration subdued. I am overrun with compassion and tenderness. I run toward the monster and brace myself for th…

Today I was

Today, I had an experience. 
Today, I was challenged and moved to be courageous. Today, I was influenced to do something I felt in my core, was wrong Today, I questioned the intentions of someone above me, someone I look up too Today, I took the opportunity to stand my ground for the good of someone else Today, I realized how influential others can be on a life that's not their own Today, I thought about my influence and realized how important it was on this young soul
Today, I put their needs above my own  Today, I realized the right, the wrong, and the grey, no matter how big or small, are impactful and scarring
Today, I'm proud of myself because I lived my truth